Okinawa Soba's pictures from old Bermuda

Okinawa Soba is 1) the name of “a type of noodle soup eaten in Okinawa” (see the Wikipedia article) and 2) the name behind a large collection of photographs on Flickr (see Okinawa Soba’s photostream) mainly of old Japan. However, the collection also includes a set of about 75 pictures of Bermuda in the 1930s that were developed and hand-coloured in Japan.

Five of those pictures show the Bermuda Railway. Okinawa Soba was kind enough to tell me about them when he discovered this site, and suggest that I might want to add them. So here they are (click a photo to enlarge it) .

Hamilton Harbour

Hamilton harbour. Away in the distance on Front Street you can just make out what appear to be two Bermuda Railway trains, one right after the other.

Flatts inlet

Flatts, looking across the inlet towards the Frascati Hotel, with the high Bermuda Railway bridge just visible in the distance.

Conductor and driver

A driver and conductor beside their train. Does anyone know where this is?

Riddell's Bay

Number 31 at Riddell’s Bay.

Riddell's Bay?

A comment on the Flickr page says this is Riddell’s Bay, What do you think?