Riddell's Bay, Riddle's Bay, Riddel's Bay...

Riddell's Bay station sign
Editorial decision alert! It’s going to be Riddell’s Bay from now on.

I have gone back and forth on this pressing issue (!) several times. What is the correct spelling of Riddell’s Bay? The photo was taken in the 1930’s when the railway was still there, so I’ve decided it is indisputable, even if the sign is cut off.

Of course, I don’t suggest that you do any research, it’s just confusing. The 1947 edition of the Beautiful Bermuda guidebook refers to the Riddell’s Bay Golf and Country Club, but later mentions “Heron, or Riddle’s, Bay”. The attached map is worse, showing Riddel’s Bay Golf Club and Riddle’s Bay railway station!

All right, we’ll go to the source (but it won’t help). In the early ’30s the Bermuda Railway Company published a brochure for tourists entitled, “Seeing the Sights in Bermuda’s Coral Isles”. The text mentions “Riddell’s Bay”, but the map shows “Riddle’s” for the bay, the golf course, and the railway station.

For what it’s worth, modern maps usually put Riddell’s Bay.

Number 31 at Riddell's Bay station

Number 31 at Riddell's Bay station