Bermuda Railway freight motors discovered in Guyana

Bermuda Railway freight motors #30 and 31 have apparently been discovered in Guyana, being used for storage.
UPDATE: A July 14 article by Simon Jones in the Royal Gazette, Bermuda carriages found in Guyana, has also reported on the find.

According to an article on page 99 of the April issue of The Railway Magazine, the two freight motors are being used for storage space by the Guyana government Transport & Harbour Department, which ran the old British Guiana railways.

When the Bermuda Railway closed in 1948, it was sold lock, stock and barrel to the British Guiana government. The Bermuda rolling stock ran in the South American country until its railways were finally closed in 1972.

Several people have written to me about the discovery, and some have raised the fascinating possibility of repatriating one or more of the rail motors to Bermuda. This would be a perfect nucleus for for a future Bermuda Railway exhibit, although the cost could be prohibitive.